Natalie Sara is a Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter devoted to the art of sharing love, creating community and transforming suffering through music. Fiercely committed to speaking truth and telling silenced stories, Natalie writes and shares songs as an act of dynamic, creative resistance to the destructive forces of stigma, judgment, isolation and fear, confronting realities of oppression and giving a human voice to experiences such as depression, suicide, homelessness, sexual violence, human trafficking and war. Infusing her music with personal conviction and social critique, she aspires to a high standard of personal and artistic integrity, making music that is an authentic reflection of her heart, her spirit, and her faithful engagement with life’s complexity.

Natalie is familiar with the landscape of human suffering, and music has been both companion and path in her own journey toward healing. She has experienced the power of turning struggle into song, telling hard truths in her own voice, writing hope into heartbreak, and feeling less alone in the presence of music that can connect and accompany her in dark places. Through her art, she invites us to walk our journeys together, creating spaces for dialogue and becoming a witness and companion to listeners who hear their own stories in her music. With honesty, courage and compassion, she extends her heart to persons and communities who feel alone, shaping and sharing her music in a way that humanizes suffering and invites connection.

Singing from her own experience, and recognizing the importance that relationships hold in any journey toward healing and transformation, Natalie Sara also offers her love for music as a platform for community building and social change. In 2009 she launched The SONG Project, teaching songwriting to persons marginalized by poverty, homelessness, violence or trauma, as a tool for empowering them to tell their stories of oppression, resilience and hope in a creative and transformative way. Focused on connecting with young adults, Natalie has taken The SONG Project from juvenile detention centers in Boston to the remote war-torn village of Pader in northern Uganda, inviting youth to build community through group singing and teaching songwriting as a creative way to tell stories, express feelings, and breathe new life into hope for change.

With her passion, integrity and dynamic, courageous artistry, Natalie Sara is laying the foundation for a musical movement on behalf of compassion, justice, healing, empowerment and hope that is both unique and universal. Her vision and dedication are one of a kind, and her commitment to creating communities of compassion and love is sure to transform anyone who shares this journey with her.