A SONG Project Update

“Songwriting is a way to tell my story without judgment… As a survivor I feel it is the best way to tell my story… Music is healing and takes my mind to another place.” – SONG Project Participant & Survivor of Commercial Sexual Exploitation As I wrap up The SONG Project groups for 2015 and […]

At Thea’s

I’ve continuously received the gift of witnessing and being welcomed into the warmth, love and family created and sustained by the women at Thea Bowman Women’s Center in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. It is palpable and sacred, and it affirms my belief in the brightness of light that lives alongside the reality of struggles […]

Together We Can Find a Way

The SONG Project recently completed a group at The Women’s Center in Cambridge! The Women’s Center mission is, “To provide women with the resources and support they need to emerge from conditions of domestic violence, sexual abuse, poverty, discrimination, social isolation, and degradation. To challenge and change the attitudes, actions, and institutions that subjugate women.” […]

The SONG Project receives Mockingbird Foundation Grant

I’m honored to announce that The SONG Project has received a grant from The Mockingbird Foundation for songwriting groups with inner-city girls in Philadelphia, PA! Please feel free to read their announcement here. The SONG Project was 1 of 12 grantees selected out of 1059 applicants, making this one of the most competitive grants in […]

Songwriting and Narrative Therapy

Back in July, I had the opportunity to attend a Narrative Therapy Intensive in Toronto thanks to the generosity of The Blakeley Foundation. The summer intensive provided me with a language to integrate into the practices I’ve already been using in The SONG Project that are narrative in essence, and expanded my resources of human […]

Real Men Don’t Pay for Women

I’m always humbled and privileged to get to participate in the process of songwriting with young women reflecting on their life stories. I bear witness to their stories of struggle and oppression, while also hearing and hoping to highlight what they give value to, what beliefs they hold and what their hopes and dreams are — many of which are resilient responses to the oppressive events that have happened […]